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Re-building in Grenada

Not only do the buildings such as houses, shops, restaurants and farm buildings need to be re-built but also the economy of Grenada.

Rebuilding is more than keeping dry tonight and tomorrow night. The methods used need to be such that a disaster does not occur on this scale the next there is a large hurricane raging around in the Caribbean.

During the past 50 years a lot has been learnt in relation to high wind conditions The knowledge, techniques and components have generally been applied in developed countries such as New Zealand, the United States and others. This knowledge is available and it is important that it be introduced into Grenada.

Changes to Building Methods

Evans Construction... knows and is experienced in the methods which are necessary, what should be in the building code, and what is needed in new construction, repair, re-instatement and retro-fitting of existing buildings.

The new methods are not difficult. They do require some understanding which is also not difficult. Generally they use 4 components of which only 1 or 2 are known in Grenada and have been used to a very small extent.

Professionals and Professional Services

We have the professional expertise to determine what is needed for the roof structure to ensure

We have the knowledge to know what to do and what not to do...

For Creativity and Quality engage Evans Construction....