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Here we have information that particularly relates to Roof Structures. For more details on other aspects click on Inspection Services in the Index.

"Well" said the Hammer to the Nail - "You're not much use without me!"
And the Nail turned to the timber and said "Will you hold me tight for a 100 years?"
And the timber replied - "Of course my darling - but don't twist or shake - I've got a long sleep ahead!"

Holding Power not just Staying Power is what is needed.

The same laws of physics which enable aeroplanes of many tons to so wonderfully lift into the air are the same ones which lift roofs off houses.

A roofing nail through plywood has staying power - the roofing won't move sideways but 1/2 inch of ply has only a holding power of around 100 Newtons. On the other hand a 2" purlin which is 4 times as thick has a holding power on a good roofing nail of 400 Newtons.

In placid, calm conditions staying power will hold a building together but in windy zones holding power is needed as well as staying power and it's needed on a large scale!

Z Nails and Cyclone Straps
Calculations are possible with our special software to determine which combination is necessary.

New Construction

We will build for you with the materials of your choice using

Repairs and Re-instatement

We have the knowledge and techniques to make repairs to your house in a manner which will protect it against hurricane assaults in the future to levels generally exceeding those elsewhere in the world.


Construction is never cheap - and if it is it does not last. We can assist you in relation to finance - not with our money ...
When we come to Assess your House we will also discuss finance with you. If you take a look at the form relating to Finance you will see the sort of information we will be talking to you about. Click on Finance in the Index to get to the form.

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